A Red Team Guide for a Hardware Penetration Test: Part 1

“Quick smash and grab /what to look for”

Common bugs to hunt for on hardware devices:

  • Initial boot-up: — Does the device have a a recovery mode, or can you interrupt it’s initial boot up.
  • Web based: Forced browsing/CSRF/SSRF/XSS: — You may as an admin have access to diagnostic information, that can be accessed by anyone on the WAN segment.
  • CLI injection: Jail escapes from sandboxed environments
  • Abuse of diagnostic utilities: tcpdump, etc.
  • Improper delegation and handing of default admin/root credentials — Can you somehow get the default root password from a file on the device?
  • Lack of proper user rights assignments — Can a non administrator gain access to parts of the system not intended?
  • Lack of hardware proper device hardening — you may be able to connect a usb keyboard, or a third party



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Adam Toscher

Adam Toscher

Adam is a offensive security engineer and red team operator with over 20 years of experience in IT