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  • Julian Cohen

    Julian Cohen

    Risk philosopher. CISO. Team and program builder. Ex-vulnerability researcher. Ex-CTF organizer and competitor.

  • Toby Kohlenberg

    Toby Kohlenberg

    20 years in the infosec mines

  • Zach Edwards

    Zach Edwards

    Founded/Co-founded 6 companies (🎞,☎️,🔌,📊,👨‍🏫,🐔), digital team for Obama 08’ + numerous other campaigns, motto = Research. Build. Test. Repeat. // whitehat

  • Jacob Baines

    Jacob Baines

  • Julio Vincent Gambuto

    Julio Vincent Gambuto

    Author of “Prepare for the Ultimate Gaslighting” and the upcoming “Please Unsubscribe. Thanks!” (Avid Reader Press). Weekly on Medium. juliovincent.com

  • Gabriel Ryan

    Gabriel Ryan

    Researcher and Infosec Journeyman. Red / Blue multiclass battlemage @SpecterOps. I enjoy low-level code and things without wires. Views are my own. #hacking 247

  • Tim MalcomVetter

    Tim MalcomVetter

    Red Team Leader at Fortune 1. I left my clever profile in my other social network: https://www.linkedin.com/in/malcomvetter

  • Francisco Donoso

    Francisco Donoso

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