Wireless Penetration Tips


----EAP-GTC Downgrade* PEAP [ver=1]
"t" GTC "t" [2]
Troubleshooting Monitor Mode# rfkill unblock all
# airmon-ng check kill
Injection Test# aireplay-ng -i wlan0mon -9 -D# Test Frequency Band and Capture Abilityairodump-ng wlan1 --band ag -M -U --wps --beacons -w captureallthewirelessPower Related# iw wlan0mon set txpower 30
# iwconfig wlan0mon txpower 30
# bccmd psget 0x0017
Channel Related# iwconfig wlan1 channel 149Driver Related



Adam is a offensive security engineer and red team operator with over 20 years of experience in IT

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